OVAL Sponsor

The Sponsor is essentially the conservator of the OVAL Language, providing infrastructure, logistical, and community support to further the language.


General Responsibilities

In general, the Sponsor will:

  • Function as the OVAL account owner: own all project resources such as GitHub account containing repos, mailing list accounts, static site, etc.
  • Manage Area Supervisor appointments: ensure that each Area of Responsibility has at least one Area Supervisor.

Language Governance Responsibilities

The Sponsor has a less critical role in governing the OVAL Language than other roles. Note that the individual(s)/organization with the Sponsor role may play additional roles in the language development process.

Language Development

  • Logistical Support: The Sponsor provides logistical support during the release process.
  • Release Announcement: The Sponsor is responsible for announcing OVAL Language releases.


In the event of the Sponsor relinquishing their role, they will nominate a new Sponsor to fill the role. If they do not nominate a replacement, the issue will be brought to the Leadership Board to select a new Sponsor.