Additional Resources

The following resources are related standards, OVAL documentation, and other helpful information. Suggested additions or deletions can be submitted through the developer mailing list.



Historical and archived information regarding previous versions of OVAL, prior sponsor documentation, etc. may be found at the following resources:

  • MITRE OVAL Homepage Deprecated website containing historical OVAL data.
  • MITRE OVAL Archives The OVAL Language archives.
  • OVAL Mailing List Archives An archive of OVAL-related mailing list discussions.
  • OVAL Language Schemas Up to and including OVAL v5.11.2, the OVAL Language GitHub repository provides the official OVAL language documentation, schemas, and tools used in the development of OVAL interpreters.
  • OVAL Language Sandbox The OVAL Language Sandbox, hosted on, provides a collaborative environment for the community to propose and develop experimental capabilities for the OVAL Language.
  • NIST XCCDF Homepage XCCDF is a specification language for writing security checklists, benchmarks, and related kinds of documents.