Release Streams

The OVAL Community maintains 4 different OVAL Language release streams:

  • Development: all adopted Proposals awaiting release into Stable
  • Stable: all adopted Proposals qualified for release into Stable as the most recent February 1st or August 1st
  • Official: a Stable Release that the OVAL Board selects as the Official release at least once a year
  • Extensions: Proposals that were not adopted, but are made available as Unofficial Extensions

For more details on the release process, see Release Process.


Once a Proposal is Adopted by the Community, it is immediately published into the Development release stream where it will stay until it has sufficient Qualifying Implmentations and is released into Stable.


On February 1st and August 1st of each year, all Proposals that have been Adopted by the Community and have a sufficient Qualifying Implmentations are released into Stable.


The Official release stream is a Stable release selected by the OVAL Board at least once per year to be the Official release.


The Extensions release stream includes Proposals that were not Adopted, but have been made available as unofficial extensions to the OVAL language at the request of a Community member. Extensions enable Community members to publicly document schemas that are not adopted by the Community.