Community Organization

Note that requirements language used within this section is defined by RFC2119.

The OVAL Community includes:

  • Community Members: Responsible for maintaining OVAL and these governance processes by creating issues, reviewing issues, creating change proposals, collaborating on change proposals, reviewing change proposals and generally contributing to this consensus-driven process.
  • OVAL Leadership Board: Steers the OVAL mission and use cases, assists (when needed) with consensus calls, is instrumental in updating design principles, and is responsible for selecting the Official Release(s).
  • Area Supervisors: An Area Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day management of its appointed area.
  • OVAL Sponsor: Mainly handles logistics for managing OVAL resources, managing area supervisor appointments, operating the OVAL Repository, and so on.

How the Community Works

The gist of OVAL Community operations is basically that any Community Member can make a proposal about anything OVAL-related at any time, and that proposal follows through our proposal process. Community Members, Area Supervisors, the Sponsor, and the Leadership Board may all play a role in the process as a proposal moves from start to finish.